Recommendation of the week “City of Bohane” by Kevin Barry

Forty or so years in the future. The once-great city of Bohane on the west coast of Ireland is on its knees, infested by vice and split along tribal lines. There are posh portions of town, but it is in the slums and backstreets of Smoketown, the tower blocks of the North Rises, and the eerie bogs of the Big Nothing’ that the city really lives. For years it has all been under the control of Logan Hartnett, the dapper godfather of the Hartnett Fancy gang But there’s trouble in the air. they say Hartnett’s old nemesis is back in town; his trusted henchmen are getting ambitious; and his missus wants him to give it all up and go straight.

Recommendation of the week “Book of Dreams” by Davis Bunn

“For Dr. Elena Burroughs, life is divided into two chapters-before and after the death of her husband. Today marks the point that her span of being a wife is equal to her span of being a widow. Even her success as a psychologist and her worldwide acclaim for a book on the interpretation of dreams is dimmed by an unspoken “If only…”

“Then a new patient arrives, one so private only her first name is given. Impeccably dressed and escorted by two bodyguards, Sandra recounts a frightening series of recurrent nightmares. Elena agrees to consider her case more carefully, convinced that something ominous may be at work here. Elena’s interpretation of her dreams confirms that, indeed, the new patient and her family confront a powerful global network of dangerous forces.”

Recommendation of the week “Sonoma Rose” by jennifer Chiaverni

“As the nation grapples with prohibition, Rosa Barclay lives on a Southern California rye farm with her volatile husband, John who found a source of illegal income. Mother to eight children, Rosa mourns the loss of who succumbed to the mysterious disease that is now afflicting young Ana and Miguel. Two daughters born of another father are in perfect health. After an act of violence against her, Rosa flees with the children and her precious heirloom quilts. As a flash flood traps them, only one man is brave enough to come to their rescue: Lars Jorgenson, Rosa’s first love and the father of her healthy daughters.”

Recommendation of the week “The Big Cat Nap” by Rita Mae Brown

“It’s mid-May, and Crozet, Virginia, is heating up fast, or so it seems to Harry. The town’s beloved ex-postmistress is never idle, dividing her time between raising this year’s bounty of crops; taking care of her veterinarian husband, fair; indulging her passion for classic cars; and adding further to her reputation as a nosy neighbor. It starts when Harry’s dear friend Miranda Hogendobber takes her on a leisurely drive that ends in a narrow drainage ditch. The chaos continues when the very Reverend Herbert jone’s Chevy pickup also abruptly goes kaput. But these vehicular mishaps are nothing compared to the much more distressing state of a mechanic discovered by Harry in a local repair shop: His head’s been bashed in.

Despite numerous warnings from her much-loved coterie of friends,human and otherwise, Harry quickly surmises that the time has come to pop the hood and conduct her investigation. Her animal companion’s see disaster fast approaching but can do little except try their best to protect their foolishly intrepid human. Harry’s race to the truth leads straight to powerful forces determined to avoid scrutiny at any cost-even if it means running Harry Haristeen off the road for good.

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