Strategic Plan Summary

Council Grove Public Library (CGPL) Strategic Plan Summary

  1. Provide services to enrich individuals within the community.
    • Identify expectations of library patrons as well as non-users; meet identified needs according to resources available.
    • Strengthen the Board of Trustee community knowledge; identify how the CGPL can contribute to the community’s well-being and future.
  2. Identify opportunities to work collaboratively with community organizations that promote education, civic, and cultural activities.
    • Identify community resources that may provide complementary services; support local school libraries and local authors.
    • Utilize volunteer resources, as appropriate, to support the library’s activities.
  3. Create public awareness and outreach opportunities to spotlight the CGPL as a valuable community resource.
    • Publicize accomplishments/value of the CGPL through a variety of modes such as a Speakers Bureau, comparison to best-in-practice facilities, and celebration of National Library Week.
    • Ensure the CGPL  reflects the local heritage and history and participates in local events and initiatives that promote such.
  4. Generate additional financial resources for community enrichment.
    • Board representatives to attend a grant-writing seminar and submit grants for projects as appropriate.
    • Research fundraising activities of like organizations.
  5. Develop a disaster recovery plan and emergency procedure to provide for patron and staff safety and business continuity.
    • Write a life safety plan specific to CGPL.
    • Resulting Plan to be reviewed annually and revised as necessary.
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