Library Staff


Shannon Reid-Wheat – Library Director

AKA: Zombie Slayer/Master Detective/Macgyver

As Library Director, Shannon wears several different hats. You could find Shannon working on daily library operations, talking Readers’ Advisory with patrons, ordering and processing new books, or spraying weeds in the parking lot on any given day. Shannon loves working at the library! When not at the library, Shannon lives in the huge metropolis of Admire where she grew up, but was transported back to in a time machine. She spends her off time with her family, her dogs, and reading as much as time allows.

 Michelle Gibson  Youth Services/Assistant Librarian

 AKA: Lion Tamer/Nerdmigo

Michelle loves working at the library where the “What to Read” list grows longer, and the patrons spoil the staff with free food. You can find her doing messy crafts during Story time, updating the social media pages, or spazzing over the new kids books. During her time off, Michelle is usually cutting firewood, doing landscaping, playing with her daughter, or trying to squeeze in some reading. Her favorite movie series is the Avengers or anything Marvel. Team Loki!


Aimee Roberts – Interlibrary Loan Clerk

AKA: The Finder of Obscure Books

I love working at the library because I get to be around books every day, and I am a total book nerd!!! I enjoy helping our patrons ILL books or DVDs no matter how obscure, though it does make it difficult sometimes. As part of my work-study in high school, I would go and be a library aide for the high school librarian two afternoons a week. I immediately applied at the Council Grove Public Library when a job became available and have loved my job ever since! My favorite book would have to be “Little  House on the Prairie” because I loved reading about all the adventures that Laura did while living on the prairie! I also enjoy playing, or watching others play, the 90’s computer game Oregon Trail and listening as the others panic because they’ve lost yet another member of their wagon train.

Kim Gant – Clerk

AKA: Goomba Stomper

I love books, video games, and movies. I like helping young readers find books to read. I have two cats, Peet and Lilbitz, and when I’m not at the Library, I am usually hanging out with the hubby and cats.

Allie Wangerin – Clerk

I love working at our public library! It is a lot of fun, especially with my co-workers. I am really shy and awkward but I am high in spirits. Being around books has always been a must with me, and now I get to work around them! I am a very weird and interesting person, so I am interested in many books that are weird like me; but I also enjoy mystery, fantasy, and history. (Basically, any book that catches my eye.) The library is a great environment to be in.

Yes, we are crazy. No, you shouldn’t worry. Yes, we love our library!

“Weeded” Staff:

Abbie Schroeder – Clerk

AKA: The Youngin’

More often than not, I am the quietest (and most awkward) person in the library. I can assure you all, though, the rest of the staff has promised to beat that out of me. Haha! Maybe someday you’ll find me helping you without any awkward mumbling. Aside from that, my personality tends to fall into the bubbles of nerdy and a little imaginative. From that has come a little game I like to play while shelving where I choose a title of a book I’ve never read and thinking up a plot for it. (Sometimes, they don’t match.) Overall, I’m excited to be working here and hope for plenty of adventures with the library.

(Abbie has left the library to attend the University of Kansas where she will be pursuing her degree in Anthropology. The Library and staff is already missing her, but we know she’ll do well in college.)

Garion Wirsig – Clerk

AKA: Scarion Garion the Librarian

I like fantasy, medieval, science fiction, action movies, and world history. I love to develop book ideas and also enjoy drawing fantasy world maps. My favorite animal is the turtle and a close second is the pelican. On the subject of animals, my family currently has sixteen cats. two dogs, one parakeet, and one chicken at our house. To wrap things up, I am the weird one. “PEH-HELICAN!!! AAOOOWW!!!”
(Garion has left us to pursue other ambitions. We wish him luck with the next chapter of his life and hope that he will come back and visit when he’s able.)


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