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Shannon Reid-Wheat
Michelle Gibson
Aimee Roberts
Kim Gant
Ally Wangerin

As Library Director, Shannon wears several hats. You can find her working on daily operation, talking Readers’ Advisory with patrons, ordering new books, or spraying weeds in the parking lot on any given day. She spends her time off with her family, her dogs, and reading as much as time allows.

Michelle loves working at the library as Assistant Director and Youth Services librarian. You can find her doing messy crafts for Story Time, updating the social media pages, or spazzing over new kids books. Michelle loves working outside, playing with her daughter, and trying to squeeze in reading time.

As our InterLibrary Loan clerk, Aimee is always finding obscure books. During high school, she served as a library aid for work-study and when a job opened up at CGPL, she applied immediately. Aimee’s favorite book is “Little House on the Prairie”, and she loved playing the 90’s game Oregon Trail.

Kim Gant is one of the library’s fantastic clerks who enjoys working with kids. She loves books, video games, anything Mario related, movies, and helping young readers find books. When she’s not at the library, she is usually hanging out with her two cats – Peet and Lilbitz – and hanging out with husband.

Ally loves working at the library, especially with her coworkers, after school. She is really shy and awkward at first, but always in high spirits. Being around books has always been a must for her. Ally enjoys reading mystery, fantasy, and history (basically anything that catches her eye).

Our History

                      Previous Directors

Kate Behring:                1918-1919
Winifred Nocholson:    1919-1930
Kate Behring:                1930-1936
Myrtle Loomis:              1936-1957
Genevieve Allen:           1957
Melba Clary:                  1957-1960
Gladys Bolton:               1960-1964
Frances Darrington:      1965
Mary McAtee:                1965-1966
Virginia Smith:               1967-1968
Sharon Stone:                1968-1988
Anne Teghtmeyer:         1988-2009
Lee Dobratz:                   2009-2014
Shannon Reid-Wheat:    2014-Present

History of the Council Grove Public Library
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